Recovery Ministries

These websites will help equip your church to start a recovery ministry: www.nacronline.comResources for Christians recovering from addiction, abuse or trauma www.fullerinstitute.orgAcademic programs related to recovery ministry www.clergyrecovery.comResources for religious professionals in recovery 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and Michael Catt, to build up the church, seek revival, and encourage pastors. […]

A Troubling Remembrance

by Vance Havner “But as for you…” (1 Tim. 4:5) 1. “I remembered God, and was troubled…” (Ps. 77:3).2. When I remember how holy God is and how sinful I am, I am troubled.3. When I remember how good God is and how unthankful I am, I am troubled.4. When I remember how busy God […]

"It's a value system, a belief system." - Whole Foods Markets Inc. co-founder John Mackey, telling The Wall Street Journal that the "organic-food lifestyle" is not a fad "any more than Christianity is a fad for Christians."


"Almost all moral education is indoctrination. It's the reason we have public schools." - U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf on a lawsuit brought by Massachusetts parents who object to their 5-year-old son being taught in kindergarten to approve of homosexuality. The school district they are suing has asked Wolf to dismiss the lawsuit.


"Our greatest value is to reproduce ourselves in the lives of others.  When you leave behind a vibrant Christian who knows his calling and his commission, you can be buried but you will live on through all those in whom you have been reproduced." - Jerry Falwell


Random Musings

According to the AAA Petbook, more and more hotels are becoming pet friendly. The number of hotels allowing pets has increased 28% since 1998. Just what I need: fleas to go along with the dirty carpet, mildewed bath tub, noisy neighbors, flat pillows, loud air conditioners, and low watt bulbs. Can they do anything else to make […]

10 Steps for Facing the Next 18 Hours Head-On

(Adapted and summarized from an article in Christian Single Magazine, by Joy Fisher) 10 STEPS FOR FACING THE NEXT 18 HOURS HEAD-ON: Clean your slate. Don’t carry things over day after day. Get the “to do” list done. Freshen up. clean up. Reduce the clutter. Stop piling stuff on top of stuff. Find your shoes. […]

The Encyclopedia of World Religions

Cults & the Occult AMG Publishers “A comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to and analysis of every major, and many minor, religions and belief systems present in the world today. Covered are sects, cults, the occult, secret societies and major non-Christian religions, all with extensive explanations of beliefs, practices and forms of worship. Also included is an […]

Systematic Theology

– Robert Duncan Culver “Dr. Robert Culver has been an “international treasure” in the church for years and has helped many of us in our personal walk and ministry. As a theologian, he is biblical and balanced, and he keeps reminding us that theology is for living and not just for studying. He believes that […]

New Testament Background Commentary

Includes: – The best elements of a Bible commentary and dictionary for effective searching by verse or topic– See behind the text with concise explanations of the original language words– Study your favorite passages with unique insights from their historical and cultural settings 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and Michael Catt, […]

Five Views of Sin in a Believer’s Life

Many Christians today don’t like to talk about sin. We’d rather talk about positive things like love, kindness, social action, acceptance and so forth. But the Bible does speak of sin, and most of us have a doctrine of sin–even of sin in the believer’s life. I sometimes doubt if we have fully thought through […]

Are You a God Pleaser…? (Part 2)

Methods matter. Some folks today are using methods that are unworthy of the gospel. They use gimmicks to entice. They use “worship aids” to manipulate emotions. You can’t watch religious television without feeling people are being baited. They are being sold the gospel of blood and sacrifice at a bargain basement price. They are buying […]

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