Anticipating Advent

Now is the time for all dedicated preachers to start preparing for the Christmas season. The four Sundays of the Advent season are December 1, 8, 15 and 22; and if you wanted to do a series of five messages, you could include 29. Why preach a Christmas series? Because people are thinking about the […]

The Seven Deadly Sins Of A Pastor

For fifteen years, I served in a church staff position. I was surprised when God called me to the pastorate. Early in my ministry, I had no desire to be the Senior Pastor. Fifteen years ago, God changed my heart and the direction of my ministry. I count myself a blessed man for having served […]

Whether Christianity Is Better Is Not The Point

by Dr. Joe McKeeverFirst Baptist Church, Kenner, Louisiana First, a national leader stirred up a firestorm when he said that in one religion, fathers give their sons to die for their god, whereas in Christianity God gave His Son to die for us. About the time that furor died down, a pastor rekindled it by […]

A Greater Commission

A Theology for World Missions – Dr. Robert Culver. Moody Press. A careful Bible scholar and theologian, Culver focuses on the apostolic mandate of Matthew 10, the parables of Matthew 13, Paul’s Commission in Romans 10 and 15 and the post-resurrection words of our Lord. One of the special values of this book is the […]

For the Workaholic I Love

– Dr. Ted Engstrom, co-authored with David J. Juroe, Fleming H. Revell Publishers. I once worked for (and with) Dr. Ted Engstrom, and I have always admired his management skills. He knows how to get things done the way a Christian ought to do them. He is tough-minded and tender-hearted, a “servant-leader” who seeks to […]

Effective Christian Ministry

– Ronald W. Leigh. Tyndale House. Leigh shares 34 principles for people who serve in the church. These principles are divided into ten categories, everything from sharing the Gospel to bringing about change in the church. The major emphasis is not on caring, but many of these principles certainly would apply to that area of […]

Loving Enough to Care

– Earl D. Wilson. Multnomah Press. Many congregations are divided into “care groups” with “care pastors” overseeing them. Pastors who have this program in their church may want to look at some of the following books that fit into the “care” concept. Dr. Wilson is a practicing psychologist who also teaches pastoral students at Western […]

Fear No Evil

– David Watson. Harold Shaw Publishers. What does a preacher do when he has a terminal illness? One preacher did something unique: he wrote a book about it. Fear No Evil is Canon David Watson’s own account of what it is like to have cancer and know that your days are numbered. He died at […]

The Church Secretary’s Handbook

– Patricia M. Seraydaria. Tyndale House. This helpful book stresses the importance of personal commitment and professionalism, in addition to improving relationship with the pastor and showing genuine concern for people. God has placed within each of us the potential for excellence and professionalism. This does not imply that we are perfect, but a continual […]

We Need Each Other

– Guy Greenfield. Baker Books. The author takes a sane approach to “relational theology” and seeks to make it practical for the local congregation. As a teacher of ethics, the author is convinced that moral behavior and personal relationships (or lack of them) cannot be separated. “We need each other” is his theme, and he […]

Where Is That Book?

If you cannot locate a recommended book in your local bookstores, contact Baker Book House and Kregel Publications. They carry many out-of-print religious books. There website is and Here are their addresses: Baker Book HouseP.O. Box 6287Grand Rapids, MI 49506 Kregel PublicationsP.O. Box 2607Grand Rapids, MI 49501 ©2002 This article is copyrighted by […]

Volume 02, Issue 22

November 17 Congress held 1st session in Washington DC, 1800. English_born Rodney (“Gipsy”) Smith, 16, was converted to a living faith. Smith later became an English Wesleyan singing evangelist whose preaching emphasized the love of God, 1876. November 19 Lincoln delivers his address in Gettysburg; “4 score & 7 years…”, 1863. English revivalist George Whitefield […]

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