Shields of Brass

The prosperous reign of Solomon was followed by the apostasy under Rehoboam. You will remember how he listened to the rash advice of the young men and plunged the country into a course of idolatry. Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord. They provoked Him to jealousy; they built high places and images […]

America Needs a Prophet (Part 2)

The prophet is the product of no school. The gift is conferred by no presbytery, and no synod of church dignitaries can unfrock him. His credentials come from a higher court and bear no stamp or seal of mortal man. To God he stands or falls. If he disobeys orders, as one of his kind […]

America Needs a Prophet (Part 1)

(If ever a chapter written by Vance Havner was needed, it’s this one. Unfortunately, almost all of Havner’s books are currently out of print. The 20 th century prophet’s voice has been silenced by the profit margin. His is not a popular message, but it is a much-needed messages. I would encourage every pastor and […]

Follow Me

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Vance Havner’s Reflections on the Gospels. May 5, 1935 The call of the fishermen disciples by the sea (Mt. 4:18-22; Mk. 1:16-20) was really a second call, a call to service. Peter, Andrew and John were already disciples, having followed Christ as recorded in John 1:35-51. Notice that […]

Predestination: God’s Plan for His Own

God has made this universe to operate a day at a time. And you and I are supposed to live a day at a time. God’s promise is “As thy days, so shall thy strength be” (Deut. 33:25). You and I are able to live a day at a time because of the fact that […]

The Early and Latter Rain

Throughout the Bible we read of the early and latter rain. In Deut. 11:14 God promises Israel that, if they observe His commandments, He will give them the rain of their land in due season, the first rain and the latter rain. Job declares that, in the days of his prosperity, men respected him, “they […]

Time For Judgement

Dr. Wiersbe has completed the ‘BE’ series after thirty years. It will eventually be available in six hardbound volumes. Right now, he is working diligently on ‘The Psalms.’ In light of the massive amount of work that is required to complete a book on the Psalms, I’ve decided he needed some ‘time off’ from 2PU […]