It’s Indispensable

written by: Warren Wiersbe If you were asked to name the one spiritual commodity that was indispensable for maintaining a ministry that honored God, what commodity would you select? Faith? Certainly faith is important, for “without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb. 1l:6). Prayer? Another good choice, because “you do not have because […]

New On Cable

written by: Michael Catt We live in an age of technology. One area where this technological advancement is most obvious is in television. In the last 30 years, the variety of programming has exploded onto our screens. When I was growing up we could pick up 3 or 4 stations. Of course, you had to […]

All Things New

The Significance of Newness for Biblical Theology – Carl B. Hoch Jr. Baker. A study of “newness” in salvation history-new wineskins, the new covenant, the new commandment, the new creation, and so on-with application to the individual believer and the local church. Not only has the author done a great deal of our homework for […]

American Evangelism

Its Theology and Practice – Darius Salter. Baker This is an insightful survey and assessment of evangelism in America, its theology and methodology, and where evangelicals have been and where we are today. It’s also a prescription for more effective evangelism in the future. By carefully reading this book, you’ll learn from the past, better […]

An Introduction to Theological Research

A Guide for College and Seminary Students – Cyril J. Barber, Robert M. Krauss, Jr. University Press of America. According to Walter C. Kaiser, ‘Easily one half of an education in any discipline in the humanities, such as biblical or theological studies, consists of knowing where to turn for the proper tools and how to […]

Dignity and Dying: A Christian Appraisal

Edited by John E Kilner, Arlene B. Miller, and Edmund D. Pellegrino. Eerdmans. If you haven’t read a good book on bioethics and assisted suicide, you’re in danger of being left in the dark at a time when people need the light. In this anthology, twenty experts in the field of bioethics discuss “dignity in […]

Hooked On the Book

– Tom Johnson. Zondervan. This is an excellent devotional book for teens that provides thirteen weeks of brief but Bible-based studies that cover the basics of the Christian life. The author knows how to write for teens, but he also knows the Bible. The goal? To help young people “get hooked” on reading the Bible […]

How to Keep the Pastor You Love

– June Rubietta The average pastor feels he lacks support for his vision, family and preaching. Whether this is real or imagined, it is a problem. This book provides a resource for church members who want to know how to help. The book is recommended by Dr. Ray Pritchard, Jill Briscoe, David and Karen Mains […]

Life Verses

The Bible’s Impact on Famous Lives – F. W. Boreham. (Kregel, five volumes). For years, we’ve been telling pastors, “Read F. W. Boreham!” and they’ve replied, “We can’t find any of his books!” Now Kregel is reprinting Boreham’s most famous series of sermons on the texts that influenced the great men and women of history […]

Baker Exegetical Commentary Vol. 3A & 3B about Luke

– Darrell L. Bock Luke 1:1-9:50 and Luke 9:51-24:53 are volumes 3A and 3B of the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (Baker). Bock is research professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has given us a detailed but practical commentary on Luke’s Gospel, and using this commentary is the next […]

Moral Darwinism

How We Became Hedonists – B.Wiker. InterVarsity. Not a book for casual reading, but one you might want to pick up, especially if you are doing a series on Culture Wars. This book represents a significant work as the authors explore the sociological, political ideas that have contributed to the lack of values in our […]

The Discerning Reader

Edited by David Barratt, Roger Pooley, and Leland Ryken. Baker. This anthology will help you work your way through the maze of assumptions and theories that are undermining the traditional approach to reading literature, including the Bible. Ryken’s chapter on “The Bible and Literary Study” should be required reading in every hermeneutics course. You don’t […]

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