Christian Life Is Jesus

The Bible is simply God’s Word about Christ. Christian doctrine is simply systematized truth about Christ. Christian experience is Christ living within. Christian work and service is the outliving Christ. The deeper Christian life is just more of Christ. The most important thing about the Lord’s return is Christ. The main attraction of heaven is […]

Teamwork can't come without leadership. Leadership won't work without a team.
Michael Catt


We must not be issue driven. We must be driven by the text. We should always, in our preaching, point to Jesus and have a passion for Jesus. – Michael Catt


On the tallest mountain in the French Alps, there is a Half-way Inn (dry, warm, food, drink, comfortable seating) 90% of those who want to climb this mountain stop at the Inn – never making it to the top of the mountain.
Regret will set in, restless, disappointed, tired.
It hurts to climb!
It is luxurious inside the café/inn!
There is a danger of stopping at the Inn – get comfortable – never make it up the mountain to the peak. You will miss the splendor of being on the tallest peak! – from a lecture by Jay Strack at SLU 101


Lordship settles all other issues. – Michael Catt


Pick a way through the jungle of mediocrity and cut a path. Lead the way from ambiguity to clarity. Lead the way through the maze of post modern thinking back to the safety of absolutes.
– Michael Catt


If you don't know, don't go. If God hasn't spoken yet, it's not time. – Michael Catt

There were many times when I thought I heard the Lord speak, but when I did hear the Lord speak, I didn't think...I knew. – Manley Beasley

God’s Will

I don't know all I should know about the end times. I don't know that I can fully explain the different theological views regarding the coming of Christ and the tribulation. I can't tell you what the meaning of 666 is, but I do know that the church is sick, sick, sick and in need of repentance. - Michael Catt

End Times

Nothing affects the church more than attitude. Someone has said, "It's hard to be a smart cookie with a crummy attitude." I say, “It's hard to lead people to be positive when you see the dark lining in every cloud, the problem in every opportunity and the obstacles on every road.”
– Michael Catt


How will I ever know God is my hiding place until I am being pursued by an enemy? How will I ever know God as my portion, unless I feel threatened? How will I ever know God has my Father unless I have felt abandoned? How will I ever know God as my deliverer, unless I am willing to step out of the boat by faith? – Michael Catt


What the Puritans Taught

– Dr. W. Gary Crampton. Soli Deo Gloria Publications. The author is well read in Puritan theology and thought, and this is a small but practical introduction to their basic theology. 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and Michael Catt, to build up the church, seek revival, and encourage pastors. […]

The Vanishing Power of Death

– Erwin W. Lutzer. Moody. I buy everything Lutzer writes. Lutzer is pastor of the Moody Church where Dr. Wiersbe once pastored. He is a brilliant theologian and excellent writer. This book deals with how the believer is to face death and gives positive, Biblically based answers. 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren […]

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