Biblical Hermeneutics

This is an informative website dealing with Biblical Hermeneutics. It’s full of articles, journals and web links dealing with history, archaeology, biblical languages, documents and manuscripts, hermeneutical theory and exegesis. Lots of valuable info! 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and Michael Catt, to build up the church, seek revival, and […]

True Christianity

by Vance Havner 1. True Christianity must be vital–it must have life. 2. It must be vocal–it must be an articulate faith. 3. It must be visible–showing up in daily conduct. 4. It ought to be vivid–glowing, not pale and colorless. 5. It ought to be victorious for “…this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” (2 John […]

"There is good biblical evidence that God not only suffered in Christ, but that God in Christ suffers with his people still. . . . It is wonderful that we may share in Christ's sufferings; it is more wonderful still that he shares in ours."
- John R. W. Stott, The Cross of Christ

"Unless God is on the balance and throws his weight as a counterbalance, we shall sink to the bottom of the scale. If it is not true that God died for us, but only a man died, we are lost. But if God's death and God lie dead in the opposite scale, then his side goes down and we go upward like a light or empty pan. But he could not have sat in the pan unless he became a man like us, so that it could be said: God dead, God's passion, God's blood, God's death."
- Martin Luther, Formula of Concord

"It is a good think to learn early that God and suffering are not opposites but rather one and the same thing and necessarily so; for me, the idea that God himself suffers is far and away the most convincing piece of Christian doctrine."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison


Top 10 Airline Announcements

10. Thank you for flying Delta Business Express. We hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride! 9. Your seat cushion can be used for flotation. In the event of an emergency water landing, please take the cushion—compliments of Reno Air. 8. Please use caution when […]

Political Views from the Pulpit

(USA TODAY, November 2006) While 92% of those who attend worship services at least monthly say clergy discuss hunger and poverty, fewer say they hear about: Abortion                                   92% Situation in Iraq                        53% Laws regarding homosexuals      52% Environment                             48% Stem cell research                     24% Immigration                              21% (Pew Research national telephone survey) 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by […]

My Students: The Coming Wave in the Church

I get to spend my day-to-day life with the next generation coming along in the church. I see everyday hints at what the church might become in the future. I have my ideas about what they’ll do in and to the church, but I’m not sharing that here. Instead I’ll just list 25 prominent characteristics […]

This Should Come As No Surprise

An article in USA TODAY, Thursday, March 8, 2007, says “Americans get ‘F’ in religion.” According to Cathy Lynn Grossman, “Sixty percent of Americans can’t name five of the Ten Commandments, and 50% of high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married.” Okay, let’s start there. We can’t name five of the Ten Commandments […]

Psalms 11-12

Want to Run Away?Psalm 11 Have you ever felt like running away? Then Psalm 11 is what you need. “In the Lord I put my trust; how can you say to my soul,’Flee as a bird to your mountain’?” (v. 1). When you feel like flying away and leaving it all, this is the psalm […]