Lifeway Worship

The website for the new worship hymnal project of the LifeWay Music Group. The project promises to be stylistically diverse.Check it out! 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and Michael Catt, to build up the church, seek revival, and encourage pastors. […]

Following On to Know the Lord

by Vance Havner (Hosea 6:1-3) A heavenly promise: “Then shall we know…” A high pursuit: “If we follow on…” A holy purpose: “To know the Lord…” We are bought with an infinite price (1 Peter 1:18, 19). We are beset by invisible powers (Ephesians 6:12). We are blessed by an invicible presence (Heberws 13:5, 6). […]

“Knowledge without experience makes us pharisaical.
Experience without knowledge makes us prodigals.
Knowledge not practiced in experience makes us a hypocrite.
Experience not based upon knowledge makes us a heathen.”                                                         
- Unknown


"Happiness comes through the discipline of service, not the inflation of the ego."
- James H. Jauncey

"Another of the delusions in life is that pleasure seeking will itself bring happiness. It never can for long. But let us fully understand that pleasure is a gift of God, as long as it does not involve any element of sin." 
- James H. Jauncey


"The Gospel is a declaration, not a debate."
- James S. Stewart


The Old Paths

I liked the old paths, whenMoms were at home.Dads were at work.Brothers went into the army.And sisters got married BEFORE having children! Crime did not pay;Hard work did;And people knew the difference. Moms could cook;Dads would work;Children would behave… Husbands were loving;Wives were supportive;And children were polite. Women wore the jewelry;And Men wore the pants.Women […]

Country Funeral

As a young minister, I was asked by a funeral director to hold a grave-side service for a homeless man, with no family or friends. The funeral was to be held at a cemetery way back in the country, and this man would be the first to be laid to rest there. As I was not familiar […]

Volume 07, Issue 08

Catch Up On the Past (Part 2)by Warren Wiersbe Most American historians agree that the Sixties represented a “hinge decade” in our history, but not everybody interprets the decade from the same perspective. Decade of Nightmares by the distinguised historian Philip Jenkins (Oxford, 2006) tells the story with clarity and courage. The subtitle is “The end of […]

Do You Know? A.W. Tozer

A. W. Tozer Aiden Wilson Tozer was born April 21, 1897, on a small farm among the spiny ridges of Western Pennsylvania. Within a few short years, Tozer, as he preferred to be called, would earn the reputation and title of a “20th-century prophet.” Able to express his thoughts in a simple but forceful manner, […]

On Being a Pastor

– Derek Prime & Alistair Begg (from Heartcry, Issue 31) This is a revised and expanded version of Derek Prime’s earlier book Pastors and Teachers. Five basic convictions govern the content of the book: 1. Christ’s special gift to His Church is the gift of pastors and teachers.2. The pastor and teacher is an elder among other […]

Second Chances

Over the past few years, I have developed a friendship with an amazing man named Franco Antonetti. Franco’s incredible journey of survival is documented in his book I Wouldn’t Die. From the time he was born in Rome, Italy in 1944, Franco faced death’s door more than anyone I’ve ever known who lived to tell […]

Results That Demand Revival

In the March/ April issue of FACTS & TRENDS published by LifeWay Christian Resources, there was an excellent article on closing the back door written by Brad Waggoner of LifeWay Research. All of us know that the overwhelming majority of our churches are plateaued or declining. Status quo seems to be the norm. Baptisms are stagnant, […]

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