"Let the separation between you and the world be final and irreversible. Say, 'Here I go for Christ and His cross, for the truth of the Bible, for the laws of God, for holiness, for trust in Jesus; and never will I go back, come what may.'" - C. H. Spurgeon

"From beginning to end, the Bible calls for whole-hearted allegiance to Him. There is to be no compromise with other Gods." - D. L. Moody

Following Christ

"You can't tell people for two or three generations, as even some theologians have, that truth is relative and that nothing is absolute and then expect them to produce justice…You can't tell people that truth is relative and expect them to produce good government, worthwhile education, or honest business. So it's not just a little tinkering here and there that is necessary to get our confidence in the court systems back again…No system of any kind works when the people themselves have lost their way." - Joel Belz


Digital Dementia

The Telegraph (UK) newspaper reports that South Korean doctors are seeing more people with a decline in cognitive abilities of the sort “more commonly seen in people who have suffered a head injury or psychiatric illness.” They call the decline “digital dementia” and say it comes from the overuse of smart phones and other digital […]

Atlanta Stats

More than 5.1 million people live in metro Atlanta, and most are lost and unchurched. There are 190 people groups in Atlanta speaking 125 languages. Atlanta is a worldwide city of influence, ranking 39th on the Global City Index and 9th among US cities. In 1965 there were 166 Southern Baptist churches inside the perimeter […]

People-Pleasing Pastors

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Approval-Motivated Leadership – Charles Stone. IVP Praxis. While wanting to make people happy is generally a good thing, if leaders frequently seek validation from others because of an emotionally immature self, a host of issues can spring up. in an effort to keep all parties content or at least mollified, the […]

Philippians 1:3-6

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now. For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect […]

I Don’t Like Labels (Part 1)

It seems everyone in our country wants to wear a label. Designer labels identify the shirt, slacks, or blouse. If you are what you wear, then I’m a polo player with a brother named Brooks, and an uncle named Orvis. Slogans on t-shirts indicate a school, philosophy, musician, or host of other things you want […]

Remember the Clay

Jeremiah 18:1-8 “For he knoweth our frame,” says Psalm 103:14; “he remembereth that we are dust.” God remembers, but we often forget! We think we are made of steel or of gold, but God knows we are made of dust. Why? Well, for one thing, clay is a humble material that is worthless apart from […]