Meet Mr. Moody Part 2

Chapter 3: Learning Important Lessons “I do not expect to visit this country again.” Dwight L. Moody made that statement shortly after arriving in England in March, 1867. He had been seasick during the voyage from America and was also a bit discouraged with the “dull and formal” church life in England. In short, he […]

A Final Thought On Books and Bookstores

If you are like me, you love a good bookstore. Over the years, I’ve been blessed to find some incredible Christian bookstores that have (a)put a dent in my budget and (b) blessed my ministry. I’m a sucker for a book. Currently I have over 10,000 books in my library and around 5,000 tapes of […]

African American Leaders Respond to an American Tragedy

Edited by Martha Simmons and Frank A. Thomas. Judson Press. Much has been said about September 11, 2001 by mainstream America. Now, African American church leaders interpret the tragedy from a variety of compelling perspectives. From provocative messages to powerful prayers, these writings reverberate with many of the emotions felt throughout the country. 2ProphetU2ProphetU is […]

Biographical Preaching

Bringing Bible Characters to Life – Larry Overstreet. Kregel. A book that approaches biographical preaching with exegetical integrity – something of a lost art. The author provides a workable method to determine the principles that directed the particular character. Also included: the philosophy and value of biographical preaching, the method and mechanics of biographical preaching, […]

Holiness By Grace

– Byian Chapell. Crosseway Books. Recommended by Max Lucado, D. James Kennedy and Sinclair Ferguson. Dr. Chapell is the President of Covenant Theological Seminary. He has also written the award winning book Christ-centered Preaching. The book illustrates the principles of grace, the practices of faith and the motives of love in living a holy life. […]

How Small A Whisper

21 Evangelistic Sermons for Contemporary Preaching -Roger Carswell. Kregel. Carswell is well known in the United Kingdom as an author, evangelist and radio preacher. Warren Wiersbe wrote the forward to this book and says, “His messages are biblical but not ‘preachy,’ and contemporary but not ‘trendy.’ They are interesting and yet convicting! Best of all, […]

That’s Just YOUR Interpretation

Responding to Skeptics Who Challenge Your Faith -Paul Copan. Baker. Ravi Zacharias says, ‘Beneath the cliches of our culture lie some unsettling questions about God. Paul Copan, with genius and simplicity, uncovers the struggle and constructs his answers on a firm foundation.’ A book of answers to those who challenge absolute truth. 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an […]

The Battle for God

Responding to the Challenge of Neotheism -Norman L. Geisler, H. Wayne House and Max Herrera. Kregel. Neotheism, or the ‘openness of God’ theology, argues for a limited Creator and Sustainer. He can only guess what free-willed human beings will do. Sometimes he guesses wrong and must undo the damage. This book is a refutation of […]