Sex Trafficking

These sites will provide information and support in the fight against sex 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and Michael Catt, to build up the church, seek revival, and encourage pastors. […]

What Happens When a Christian Gets Discouraged

by B. B. Caldwell Numbers 21:4; Galatians 6:9 Discouragement is one of Satan’s big weapons. some of the greatest men of the Bible were defeated because of it. When we get discouraged we will: I. Pray the Wrong PrayerA) Moses prayed to die (Numbers 11)B) Elijah prayed to die (1 Kings 19) II. Say the […]

"I would always distinguish revival from evangelism. Although often confused, the two are entirely different. Evangelism is winning the unsaved; revival has to do with the Christian. Evangelism is the permanent duty of the church; revival is a gracious outpouring…" - Alan Redpath

Revival and Evangelism

"Our forefathers came to certain conclusions and decided upon certain courses of action which have been a great blessing to the world. Before we can understand their conclusions we must go back and review the course which they followed. We must think the thoughts which they thought. Their intellectual life centered around the meeting-house. They were intent upon religious worship. While there were always among them men of deep learning, and later those who had comparatively large possessions, the mind of the people was not so much engrossed in how much they knew, or how much they had, as in how they were going to live. While scantily provided with other literature, there was a wide acquaintance with the Scriptures. Over a period as great as that, which measures the existence of our independence, they were subject to this discipline not only in their religious life and educational training, but also in their political thought. They were a people who came under the influence of a great spiritual development and acquired a great moral power. No other theory is adequate to explain or comprehend the Declaration of Independence. It is the product of the spiritual insight of the people. We live in an age of science and of abounding accumulation of material things. These did not create our Declaration. Our Declaration created them. The things of the spirit come first. Unless we cling to that, all our material prosperity, overwhelming though it may appear, will turn to a barren scepter in our grasp. If we are to maintain the great heritage which has been bequeathed to us, we must be like minded as the fathers who created it. We must not sink into a pagan materialism. We must cultivate the reverence which they had for the things that are holy." - Calvin Coolidge, The Inspiration of the Declaration of Independence, July 5, 1926


Tablets and Smartphones

Frequency of Simultaneous Usage While Watching TV: Tablet42% Daily28% Several times a week11% Several times a month07% Once a month or less12% Never Smartphone40% Daily13% Several times a week10% Several times a month14% Once a month or less24% Never E-Reader14% Daily45% Several times a week14% Several times a month13% Once a month or less14% Never […]

Disconnected Teens

Top 6 reasons regular churchgoing teens disconnect from the church after age 15: 1) Churches seem overprotective. 2) Teens’ and 20-somethings’ experience of Christianity is shallow. 3) Churches come across as antagonistic to science. 4) Young Christians’ church experiences related to sexuality are often simplistic, judgmental. 5) They wrestle with the exclusive nature of Christianity. […]

We Will Never Forget

In the spring of 1989, Chinese students at Beijing University led in an uprising for democratic freedom. Their protest was over hardship, corruption, and forty years of repression. The conflict became so intense that the Chinese government ordered over three hundred thousand troops to use tanks and semi-automatic weapons to crush the protest. By early […]

Three Tests

In this pilgrimage called life, we often face tests. Usually we think of tests as something we took in school. They were something we crammed for the night before and then prayed hard we would pass them. We take driver’s tests, blood tests before we get married, and the doctors often tell us they need […]

The Boldness of the Believer

Read Acts 4:13-37 How bold would you and I be if we were summoned before the council to defend our faith? How Christian men need boldness in this day when so many Christians cringe before the enemy and fail to stand up for Christ! Where did this boldness come from? It came from being with […]