"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." - Andre Gide


Ten Signs That a Church Is in Trouble

From Thom Rainer’s consultation and notes. It is Rainer’s assessment that if a church displays four or more of these warning signs, then remedial efforts must take place. If six or more signs are present, the congregation is in immediate trouble. You should be concerned if: 1) You, the pastor, do not have adequate time […]

Facebook and Pastors

Bob Hostetler says “Facebook Makes Better Pastors.”Here’s why: 1) Facebook helps me connect with more people. 2) I send birthday greetings to church members who are on Facebook. 3) I’m in their loop. 4) I pray via Facebook. 5) Facebook makes me “normal.” 6) Facebook helps me lead by example. 7) Facebook helps me learn […]

The Leadership Ellipse

Shaping How We Lead by Who We Are – Robert A. Fryling. Formatio. From the foreword by Eugene Peterson:“[The] message is two-pronged: you can’t be a Christian activist without be contemplative; you can’t be a Christian contemplative without being an activist. With winsome accuracy he has joined two ways of life that are often ‘put […]

Early Christian Thinkers

The Lives and Legacies of Twelve Key Figures – Paul Foster (ed.). IVP Academic. “This collection of essays presents the thought and practice of the early church through the lives and works of twelve key Christians from the second and third centuries. . . . a necessary window into the early development of Christian orthodoxy.” […]

How Our Enemies Defeat Us

It is sad, true commentary, that most Christians live defeated lives in comparison to what they could be experiencing. A large measure of this is due to our ignorance of our enemy. We do not understand the “wiles of the devil” which gives him a massive tactical advantage. The Bible, in all its parts, is […]

The Reunion

One day in mid-May 1980, I received a call late on a Saturday night at my home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a booming bedroom community outside of Tulsa. I had already gone to bed anticipating a busy Sunday at church where Dana and I were serving as the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries of First […]

The Laws of Provision

During the summer of 1999, the training position which I held at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant was eliminated. I then began a nine month journey of faith in which the Lord left me both startled and amazed at the wonder of His care. Throughout those months, the Lord provided nearly $30,000 while I had no job. […]

What Does It Take?

Some folks seem clueless. I mean, folks who shouldn’t be clueless. Folks who should know better. Educated folks. Seemingly intelligent people. But apparently the comedian Ron White is right, “You can’t fix stupid.” Some folks don’t like the word stupid. They call it the “S” word. Regardless of the word you use, people are stupid, […]

My Favorite Cemetery (Part 1)

If you ever want to visit John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, John Owen, Susannah Wesley, and a host of other great Christians, then make your way to Bunhill Fields. This quaint cemetery is located in London, on city Road, across the street from Wesley’s Chapel. Be sure to visit the Chapel first, especially the grave of […]