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Sermon Ideas For Preaching On Adversity

Sermon Ideas For Preaching On Adversity, Trouble And TrialsBy Michael Catt John 14 -17 Finding Comfort When Your Heart Is Troubled. Comfort through Trust – John 14:1-14 Comfort through Love – John 14:15-31 Comfort through Relationships – John 15:1-16 Comfort through Trials – John 15:17-16:4 Comfort through the Spirit – John 16:5-15 Comfort through Grief […]

"Men of power have no time to read," a British labor leader once noted, "yet the men who do not read are unfit for power." - U.S. News & World Report November 30, 1992

"Put on the whole armor of God, Paul admonished the Ephesians, and you will be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Missionary Mike Key of Togo thought of Paul's message when the trembling stranger asked for shelter in his mission church. Key inquired if the man were homeless. No, he replied, but evil spirits were trying to kill him, and he sought sanctuary in the holy building. Key explained that the church building had no magical power and couldn't protect him from anything. But Jesus Christ, he added, could give not only protection but salvation, too."

The stranger stopped trembling and prayed with Key to accept Christ. Then he declared to the other believers gathered around that he was no longer afraid of evil spirits because Jesus was stronger. He would return to his own home with confidence. Then he departed, leaving his collection of fetishes and idols with the believers. He no longer needed them. He had the full armor of God." - Irma Duke

"What makes the temptation of power so seemingly irresistible? Maybe it is that power offers an easy substitute for the hard task of love. It seems easier to be God than to love God, easier to control people than to love people, easier to own life than to love life. Jesus asks, "Do you love me?" We ask, "Can we sit at your right hand and your left hand in your Kingdom?" (Mt. 20:21)...We have been tempted to replace love with power." - Henri Nouwen in Mornings with Henri J. M. Nouwen

"The long painful history of the church is the history of people ever and again tempted to choose power over love, control over the cross, being a leader over being led. Those who resisted this temptation to the end and thereby give use hope are the saints." - Henri J. M. NouwenIn the Name of Jesus

"The modern myth of power has gravely impoverished our civilization. It has deprived it of all values that lie beyond the search for power. The beautiful, the good, the true cannot be weighed and measured. True knowledge is spiritual knowledge, which is beyond the reach of the world of quantity and therefore is disregarded by our civilization." - Paul Tournier in The Whole Person in a Broken World

"The books are many on leadership today, and some make me rather uncomfortable. I find myself reaching back to the philosophers of bygone days and one said, "Power is the ability to achieve purpose." Real power is not thunder and noise and turbulence. Real power is not like a mighty river, sweeping everything in its course. Rather, it is like a river held back, dammed up, channeled into turbines, and providing light for our homes and energy for our industries. Power is not ruthless behavior but it is disciplined behavior that has the purpose of making things better."

"Power is the ability to achieve purpose, and leadership admired is power used to achieve noble purposes. So today I salute, not those who make noise, but those who quietly do good."- Tom Haggai IGA Grocergram

"Power is his ideology, his friend, his concubine, his mistress, his passion. Everything beyond that, beyond the struggle for power, concerns him much less." -Vyacheslav Kostikov, former spokesman for Russian President Boris Yeltsin, on his onetime boss

"No one in the world today has such power as they who can make their fellow human beings feel that Christ is a reality." - Henry Van Dyke in The Upward Path


"Do not let your peace depend on the hearts of men; whatever they say about you, good or bad, you are not because of it another man, for as you are, you are." - Thomas a Kempis in The Imitation of Christ

"Peace is not made in documents, but in the hearts of men." - Herbert Hoover

"What is the most elusive quality in the world today? Isn't it the condition known as peace? Nations spend millions of dollars dispatching envoys across oceans and continents to negotiate or promote peace. Individually, people spend fortunes on psychotherapy, escapist entertainment, tranquilizers, alcohol and drugs, seeking to replace their inner restlessness with the balm of peace. Despite their relentless pursuit of peace, most people come up empty handed. As Patrick Henry once said, "The gentlemen may cry, 'Peace, peace!' but there is no peace. 'Peace with God brings the peace of God'" - Bob Mumford


Moments for Families with Prodigals

– Robert J. Morgan. Navpress New Life Live Meditations, 2003. Robert Morgan delivers an encouraging message and practical help for the parents of prodigals. Morgan teaches the reader to pray scripture as he shares from the heart, giving his own testimony as a parent of a prodigal and letting others in on the prayers he […]

Dealing with Issues of Life

I Am With You Always – Chip IngramA Grief Observed – C. S. LewisMastering Your Emotions – Adrian RogersManaging Your Emotions – Erwin LutzerMy Own Worst Enemy – Alan NelsonIt Could Be Your Problem – George B. DuncanThe Gift of Suffering – F. B. MeyerThough I Walk Through The Valley – Vance HavnerWhen God’s Children Suffer – Horatius BonarCries of the Heart – Ravi ZachariasStress […]

Elisha and Elijah

I read some very interesting facts the other day. Napoleon’s toothbrush sold for $21,000. Adolph Hitler’s car sold for $150,000. Jackie Kennedy’s fake pearls sold for $211,500. John Kennedy had a wooden set of golf clubs that sold for $772,500. None of these things were valuable in and of themselves, but it was simply “who” […]

Scriptural Whistle Blowing

Scriptural Whistle Blowing-Taking Scripture Out Of Context The following are notes from my “Writer’s Notebook”-ideas that might develop into a Tuesday Column. They are presented here for two reasons: (a)because some of you only need a seed idea to get what you want from me-something to think about. And (b) some of you like to […]

Dealing With Suffering, Part 1

Dealing With Suffering, Setbacks, Satanic Attacks And A Sovereign God Truths we can learn from the book of Job Ron Dunn said, “Good and evil run on parallel tracks and they normally arrive about the same time.” Looking back over my ministry, there have been great years and years when I wondered if I would […]

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