Life Action We have a crying need for revival in America today. Life Action Ministries, is dedicated to bringing the church back to holiness and into revival. They have numerous resources and materials available. Check out the quarterly revival publication, ‘Hearcry!’ 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and Michael Catt, to build […]

Flywheel The Movie Sherwood Baptist Church did a feature film in 2003. The film has been shown in Prime Time on national TV including: FamNet, Faith TV, INSP and other Christian networks. It will be shown this spring on TBN. You can find out about the movie by checking the official website at or ordering a […]

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Series continued

By Michael Catt The Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Church at Pergamos: “No Prize if You Compromise!” Revelation 2:12-17 Vance Havner, “Preaching the truth makes people either sad, mad, or glad. Too many people today leave church on Sunday neither sad, mad, nor glad; they go out as they came in. Better to go […]

(the following quotes from Christianity Today, February 2004, pg. 73)

"In the daily round of life, dust and cobwebs accumulate in our souls. The hidden corners of our hearts become encrusted with grime or filled with forgotten debris. During the weeks of Lent, God's Spirit is given opportunity to clear away the clutter, sweep away the dust and wash us clean. We are invited to prepare ourselves heart, soul, mind and body for the new life of Easter." - Marlene Kropf in The Mennonite

"Within the church at least, Lent's like Christmas: it's been overcommercialized. The 'giving up' part is so dominant that what other meaning was there is eclipsed, hidden." - Nora Gallagher, Things Seen and Unseen

"I gave up coffee creamer for Lent one year. By the end of the tenth day, I began to love black coffee. That's the year I learned that it isn't giving up things that counts. Me? I became aware that only internal change really counts." - Joan Chittister, Listen with the Heart

"I am convinced that 99 percent of us are addicted to something, whether it is eating, shopping, blaming, or taking care of other people. The simplest definition of an addiction is anything we use to fill the empty place inside of us that belongs to God alone." - Barbara Brown Taylor, Home by Another Way

"Maybe Lent is a good time to stop doing and try being…Relinquishment lies at the heart of the Christian gospel and is a countercultural choice that hones our discipleship. If I let go of the assumption that my hard work will bring me all that I desire, I begin to look at the present moment, receive it with gratitude, and know what it asks of me. I learn when it is time to rest, time to plan, time to play, time to wait, time to act boldly." - Elizabeth J. Canham in Weavings

"They who are conscious of their own sins have no eyes for the sins of their neighbors." - Abbot Moses in The Wisdom of the Desert

"If you therefore go to the desert to be rid of all the dreadful people and all the awful problems in your life, you will be wasting your time. You should go to the desert for a total confrontation with yourself." - Alessandro Pronzato, Meditations on the Sand

"The season of Lent involves the telling of the same old story that invites us to become participants in the drama. If we choose to act in this great Passion Play we shall find ourselves called to be experiments in vulnerability. We will have set in motion a course of events totally beyond our control." - Alan Jones, Passion for Pilgrimage


Basic Cow

The following article appeared as Dan Yeary’s Column in University Baptist, Coral Gables, Florida. “William Hamilton of Cold Spring, Kentucky, has a friend who is a farmer. It seems this friendly farmer had been thoroughly taken many times by a certain car dealer in town. Then one day the car dealer informed the farmer that […]

10 Characteristics of Authentic People:

Authentic people live in the present. Authentic people are free of fear. Authentic people are not judgmental. Authentic people genuinely appreciate themselves. Authentic people hunger for the truth. Authentic people are adaptable and flexible. Authentic people have a strong sense of gratitude. Authentic people love to laugh and are lighthearted. Authentic people exhibit a high […]

The Secret Blend

A Modern Parable of Personal Success – Stan Toler. Waterbrook Press. A small and simple book with great truths on building strong relationships. Pick this one up to read while you are on vacation or have a day of casual reading. Forward by John Maxwell. 2ProphetU2ProphetU is an online magazine/website, started by Warren Wiersbe and […]

The Peacemaker

A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict – Ken Sande. Baker Book House. The revised edition of The Peacemaker has made a fine book even better. It provides God’s people with what I consider to be the best guidebook I’ve ever seen on how Christians should resolve conflicts. The material is based on Scripture and […]

The Hope of a Homecoming

Entrusting Your Prodigal to a Sovereign God – B. O’Rourke & D. Sauer. NavPress. Written by a licensed clinical psychologist and a person who has worked in the addiction recover field, this book will give encouragement and hope to all who are struggling with prodigals. Great ideas to use in preaching on the family and […]

The Church’s Bible

– The Song of Songs, Robert Louis Wiken, General Editor and Richard A. Norris, Jr. Translator and Editor, Eerdmans. This extensive commentary uses commentaries and sermons from the first millennium to show how the early church understood this book. This commentary approaches the book as a celebration of the love of a bride-groom and bride […]

The Art of Reading Scripture

– Edited by Ellen F. Davis and Richard B. Hays. Eerdmans. Have we forgotten how to read the Bible? How do we read the Scriptures in light of their original meanings and the current culture in which we live? A host of scholars and teachers offer their insights into how we can read the Bible […]

Stop Witnessing…and Start Loving

– Paul Borthwick. NavPress. Most Christians I know are afraid to witness. We are turned off by methods that haven’t worked or people who have been offensive in their witness. Borthwick has given us an optional, and better way to think about witnessing. If you want to have contagious Christianity, reading this book might help. […]

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