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How to Find an Archived Issue:
You will see an "Archived Issues" button on each page in the site. If you would like to read a previous issue, click on the "Archived Issues" button. The "Archive" is divided into two sections. 

The first section is by element type.  Let's say that you want to read all the articles contributed to 2ProphetU by Dr. Wiersbe. You would click on the "Warren Wiersbe" link to see all of the article he has contributed. Click on the article you would like to read. Use your internet browser's "back" button or the "Previous Page" link at the bottom of the page to get back to the list.

The second section is by past issue numbers. On the archive page, you will see a list of every past issue published by 2ProphetU. Click on the issue you desire to read.

How to Search:
Our search engine is a basic word search. It is most useful in finding topics within the various elements of the site.

To find elements on your topic, type the key word into the search box and hit search. If that word appears in any element, then a list of those elements will appear. Click on the title to view the element. You can include multiple words in your search, but those words will need to appear in the element just as they are written in the search box. For example, the search for "work the night shift" would result in one match for a Dr. Wiersbe article that included the phrase "work the night shift." A search for "work night" would result in zero matches found.

You can narrow your search to a category type (ex. sermons). Before clicking the "Search" button, use the pull-down list to select the category you want to search.

You can also narrow your search to particular issue. As above, use the pull-down list to select the issue number before you hit the "Search" button.

How to Purchase Resources:
2ProphetU uses The Source Bookstore online for its store. When you click on the "Purchase Resources" button, you will be taken to The Source online. In The Source, you will be able to see the items that we currently have available.

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